Travel Fearlessly Despite Food Allergies

With the help of their allergy doctors, patients with food allergies learn to carefully manage the environment around them. They learn how to avoid exposure to their allergens, such as by scrutinizing food labels and preventing cross-contamination in the kitchen. But those precautions can be difficult to follow when traveling. Well in advance of your trip, you should consult your allergy specialist to find out what you’ll need to do differently while away from home.


Medications and Local Medical Services

Your allergist can write you extra prescriptions for your medications. You should only transport your medications in your carry-on bag or purse; never put them in your checked luggage, as they might get lost. Additionally, you should find out the generic and brand names of your medications in the country you’ll be visiting. While you’re booking accommodations, look for a hotel near a major hospital, preferably one known for its high-quality emergency care. You can also find out if any local doctors specialize in allergy treatment. Keep their names and numbers in your phone’s contact list, just in case.


Language Barriers

Language barriers can be the toughest challenge to overcome when traveling abroad. Many large, international hotels have English-speaking staff members. Consider conversing with them ahead of your trip to find out about allergen-free menu items at the hotel’s restaurant. A hotel concierge can also help you find nearby restaurants that are allergy-friendly. An additional option is to bring chef cards with you. These will specify your allergens. Bring chef cards written in English and in the language of your destination country.


Fellow Travelers

Unless you’re planning a solo trip, you can rely on your traveling companions to lend a helping hand. The people with whom you’re traveling should know where you keep your auto-injectors and how to use them. They should also be familiar with the contents of your emergency treatment plan. Don’t forget to bring at least one copy with you!


If you’re planning a trip and have questions about managing your allergies, you can request an appointment with a board-certified allergist at Allergy & Asthma SpecialistsSM. Our allergy doctors are committed to ensuring each of our patients has appropriate, personalized guidance for the management of their chronic conditions. Call 1(800)86-COUGH to schedule an appointment in Blue Bell, Center City, Lansdale, Philadelphia, Jenkintown, Pottstown, King of Prussia, or Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

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