Get the Answers to Your Questions About Food SLIT

SLIT is an acronym for sublingual immunotherapy. It’s one of the treatment options that your allergy doctor may recommend if you have certain allergies. SLIT introduces very tiny amounts of an allergen to your body. Over time, it can reduce allergic reactions to the substance. SLIT should only be performed by a qualified medical provider. If you have allergies, do not intentionally expose yourself to your allergen, as there may be a risk of a life-threatening reaction.


Which allergens can SLIT address?

Currently, sublingual immunotherapy has limited approved uses. Allergy doctors can administer SLIT for patients with peanut allergies. This treatment is also approved for patients with allergies to dust mites, grass, ragweed, tree pollen, and cat dander.


Is food SLIT a cure for my peanut allergy?

No, SLIT isn’t a cure. You’ll still be allergic to peanuts, and you’ll still need to avoid all exposure to them. The purpose of undergoing sublingual immunotherapy is to build enough of a tolerance to the allergen to prevent a life-threatening reaction from accidental exposure. You should still carry your emergency autoinjector of epinephrine with you everywhere you go.


Is food SLIT safe?

Generally, sublingual immunotherapy is well-tolerated. However, as with any medical treatment, there is a risk of side effects. You should speak with your allergy specialist about these side effects before deciding if you’d like to try it. You may experience an allergic reaction to the peanut allergy drops. In clinical trials, most of the reactions were mild and required only oral treatment.


How is food SLIT done?

It’s a very simple treatment that requires no shots or pills. Your allergy doctor will place a small amount of peanut extract under your tongue. You’ll hold it there for two minutes, and then swallow it. The doctor will monitor you for signs of an allergic reaction. Over time, you’ll take progressively higher concentrations of the food extract to increase your tolerance.


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