Managing Asthma During Pregnancy

If you suffer from asthma and you have recently become pregnant, you may be wondering if you have any reason to be concerned. While asthma can affect your pregnancy, most mothers complete their term without any serious complications. It’s important to consult an asthma doctor so that you can effectively avoid any potential problems. Here is a brief guide to managing your asthma while you are pregnant.

Can my asthma affect my unborn baby?

Severe asthma can affect the amount of oxygen you are able to get into your bloodstream, which can prevent the fetus from getting the oxygen it needs to remain healthy and safe. Thus, it’s critical to effectively control your asthma during your pregnancy to keep both yourself and your unborn baby healthy.

Does asthma worsen during pregnancy?

Only about a third of all individuals who go through pregnancy see their asthma worsen. Another third experience improved symptoms, while the remaining third experience no change in their status. Most women notice the changes during their first 36 weeks of pregnancy. It’s important to be alert to any changes to your asthma symptoms so that you can take action immediately if you notice them getting worse.

If my asthma does get worse, what can I do?

If you begin to experience severe asthma symptoms during your pregnancy, talk to your asthma doctor about how you can relieve the symptoms. The best method, if possible, is to minimize your exposure to your triggers. In certain cases, your doctor may prescribe an asthma medication. Many doctors recommend medications that can be inhaled, since they are usually considered to be a safer option for pregnant women.

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