Exploring the Link Between Immune Deficiency and Allergic Rhinitis

An immune deficiency is a type of disorder that is characterized by having a chronically weakened immune system, which makes it harder for you to fight off bacterial and viral infections. If you have allergic rhinitis, it’s important to understand that many of the symptoms of your allergies may also be indicative of an immune deficiency. In particular, if you suffer from multiple ear infections in a year, have experienced successful bouts of pneumonia, or have trouble resolving a bacterial infection using antibiotics, you may have an undiagnosed immune deficiency. If you are concerned that you may suffer from an immune deficiency, you should see an allergist right away for a professional diagnosis.

At Allergy & Asthma Specialists SM, our board-certified allergists have extensive training in treating patients who have immune deficiencies . To schedule an appointment with one of our specialists in Lansdale, Collegeville, Blue Bell, Pottstown, Doylestown, Jenkintown, Philadelphia, or King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, call 1(800)86-COUGH, option 2.

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