Don’t Let Asthma or Allergies Take the Fun Out of Summer

Summer is the season for barbecues, picnics, festivals, and camping trips. For individuals who need asthma or allergy treatment, however, this time of year can also mean a worsening of their symptoms. Keep reading for some tips on managing your asthma and allergies so you can get more fun out of summer.

Don’t Wait for Symptoms

To stay ahead of your symptoms, allergy doctors recommend that you take your allergy medication before stepping out the door. One reason for this is that if you wait until your symptoms start up, then your medication can be far less effective. Additionally, using your medication in advance can help you enjoy a symptom-free day as you take advantage of the summer weather.

Cover up Your Eyes

Many people choose to wear a hat and sunglasses during the summer to improve their comfort and shield their skin from the sun. However, covering up in these ways has added benefits for allergy sufferers, as doing so can help prevent aggravating pollen from getting into their eyes.

Pay Attention to Alerts

High pollen counts or poor air quality can both mean trouble for asthma and allergy sufferers. For this reason, you should check for local pollen and ozone alerts before heading outdoors, so you can judge whether to take your allergy medication or carry a quick relief inhaler.

Be Mindful of Bees

If you have a bee allergy, then now is the time to be most cautious of these stinging insects. To help avoid bees, keep your distance from uncovered food, do not wear perfume, and do not wear brightly colored clothing. Also, if someone nearby gets stung, then move away from the area, as more bees may soon arrive in response to a chemical that some bees give off after they sting.

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