• Raising Awareness About Food Allergies on Campus

    For some students, food allergies represent a life-threatening hazard to their health. If your allergy doctor has diagnosed you with a severe food allergy, then watch this video to see how Yale is raising awareness on campus.

    Yale Dining uses several mechanisms to make it easier for individuals with food allergies to navigate their meals. For example, at each dining hall entrance, students find meal boards featuring graphics that indicate the major allergens that are in each dish. However, last-minute recipe changes and cross-contamination remain a concern for food allergy sufferers, highlighting the importance of self-advocacy and raising awareness.

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  • Common Questions About Allergy Skin Testing

    For patients who suffer from food or seasonal allergies, their allergy doctor may recommend testing to determine the cause or causes of their symptoms. If you’re scheduled for allergy skin testing, then keep reading to learn the answers to common questions about this service.

    What does allergy skin testing test for?

    This type of allergy testing can check your skin for reactions to a broad range of allergens, including many weeds, trees, grasses, molds, foods and pet dander.

    How do I prepare for my appointment?

    To achieve accurate results from your allergy skin test, it’s important to stop taking antihistamines 10 days before your appointment, which includes the use of nose sprays containing histamines, as well. Examples of medications that should be stopped 10 days prior to testing include Allegra, Claritin, Loratadine, Clarinex, Zyrtec, Alavert, Phenergan, Atarax, Astelin, and Astepro. However, you can take some over-the-counter medications, such as Benadryl and allergy, cold, and sinus medications, up to 3 days before your appointment.

    How long will it take to receive my results?

    Skin testing for allergies is a quick procedure. You will receive your results in about 20 minutes, meaning that you can complete the process in a single visit.

    Can allergy skin testing be performed on children?

    Yes, this type of allergy test can be conducted reliably and comfortably on children and infants.

    Is allergy skin testing painful?

    The standard regimen for this test is painless and involves no needles. Positive reactions to an allergen may cause temporary hives and itching.

    When is the best time for allergy skin testing?

    You will get reliable results from this test year-round whether you’re experiencing symptoms at the time or not. However, completing this test 3 to 6 months before you typically suffer from allergies allows you to begin the immunotherapy process before allergy season.

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  • Enjoying the Season Despite Your Asthma

    Summertime can pose some unique challenges for people receiving asthma treatment, but with the help of your doctor, you can keep your symptoms under control without sacrificing summer fun. This video offers some helpful advice.

    Asthma symptoms can get worse during the summer because of everything from hotter temperature to more time spent outdoors. Start by limiting your exposure to allergens as much as possible. Don’t take a summer break from your usual asthma treatment, and see your asthma specialist if you’re not getting the relief you need.

    If summertime asthma and allergy symptoms have you down, make an appointment at Allergy & Asthma Specialists SM . To schedule a consultation with an allergy doctor near Philadelphia, Blue Bell, King of Prussia, Jenkintown, Doylestown, Lansdale, Pottstown, or Collegeville, please call 1-800-86-COUGH, extension 2.

  • Alternative Spread for Peanut-Free Families

    If someone in your family has a food allergy, then you know how important it is to be careful—and creative—in the kitchen. Peanut allergies can be especially tricky to work around, since peanuts lurk in so many products. In addition, parents and kids alike sometimes crave the simplicity of a peanut butter sandwich for the school lunchbox. Fortunately, there are alternative spreads that can recreate the PB&J experience without the risk of a peanut allergy reaction. Here are some alternatives you can try. Keep in mind that these alternatives can also be great solutions for families who aren’t peanut-free but whose kids go to a nut-free school where peanut butter sandwiches are off the menu.

    Sunflower Seed Butter

    Sunflower seed butter is surprisingly close in taste and texture to peanut butter. It is easy to spread on bread and goes great with jellies and jams. You can usually find it in the same section of the store as peanut butter, and the cost is generally in line with natural peanut butter varieties.


    Tahini is a paste made of sesame seeds, so it has a nutty flavor. It is not sweet, so it is good for people who prefer unsweetened spreads or who want to pair it with a sweet jam or honey. It is also a good swap for peanut butter in many savory recipes, such as Asian recipes that use peanut butter as a base for sauces.

    Cookie Butter

    For a sweet treat, cookie butter is a good stand-in for peanut butter. Although it lacks the nutritional value of the other spreads, it is great for spreading on toast or waffles and is a nice lunchtime surprise for kids when paired with some protein.

    Your allergy doctor can also be a good source of tips for food swaps to help you avoid allergy triggers. Get the care you need for peanut allergies at Allergy & Asthma Specialists SM . Our doctors in Blue Bell, Philadelphia, King of Prussia, Doylestown, Jenkintown, Lansdale, Pottsville, and Collegeville are ready to serve you. Visit our website or call 800-86-COUGH for an appointment.