Common Causes of Urticaria

Many patients who visit an allergy doctor want to know why they get hives. Urticaria, commonly known as hives, are itchy areas of the skin that appear swollen and red. Urticaria can develop anywhere on the body and range in size. Also, hives can migrate, appearing on different parts of the body as the reaction progresses.

Urticaria can result from several different causes. Some of the most common reasons why people get hives include allergic reactions to medication, food, insect stings, and latex. Hives can also develop in response to a viral infection or itching. A change in environment can also trigger hives—such as sun exposure to the skin, or even recovering from a change in environment, such as warming up skin after being outside in the cold. If you suffer from urticaria, then your allergy doctor will advise you to avoid your triggers and may prescribe antihistamines or steroids.

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