Staying Safe When You Have Food Allergies

If you suffer from food allergies, even the slightest exposure to certain foods can cause hives, respiratory problems, and even anaphylaxis. Peanuts, fish, shellfish and nut allergies account for 85% of food allergies. Allergy doctors believe that the best food allergy treatment is complete avoidance of the food. Here are some tips from allergists on how to stay safe when you have food allergies:

Get Allergy Testing to Identify Specific Food Allergies

Your allergist can perform allergy testing to any allergens that will cause you to suffer an allergic reaction. This information will help you avoid exposure to these allergens. During allergy testing, your allergy doctor will apply extracts of common allergens to your arms or back. If you’re allergic, you’ll develop hives immediately. Your allergy doctor can recommend the right allergy treatment.

Avoid Exposure to Your Allergens

Once your allergist has completed allergy testing, you’ll know what you need to avoid. If you have food allergies, such as nut or peanut allergies, you’ll need to read nutrition labels very carefully to avoid eating foods that contain ingredients that will cause an allergic reaction. If you develop hives or trouble breathing after eating a certain type of food, you should visit a doctor or emergency room immediately to reduce your risk of anaphylaxis.

Visit an Allergy Specialist for Peanut Sublingual Immunotherapy

An allergy specialist can reduce your risk of complications from peanut allergies by administering peanut sublingual immunotherapy. A dosage of peanut extract is placed under the patient’s tongue, held there for 2 minutes, and then swallowed. Over time, the dose is gradually escalated so that the patient can tolerate more of the food with a decreased likelihood for an allergic reaction. While not a cure, this effect is life altering as it may mean the difference between tolerating an accidental ingestion instead of having an anaphylactic reaction.

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