Fighting Back Against Feline Allergies

Do you need allergy treatment for feline allergies? An allergic reaction to cat allergies can involve symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes, a constantly-runny nose, and even more serious respiratory reactions. However, it can be difficult to part with a furry friend, and many people choose to continue living with a cat despite their allergies. The first step you should take in fighting back against feline allergies is making sure you are well-informed about the causes and consequences of cat allergies.

Determine the Source of Your Feline Allergies

Many people believe that cat fur is the cause of their allergies. However, cat fur isn’t the problem—cat dander is. Dander is the miniscule skin cells that cats shed. Because these particles are so small, they can be difficult to find and eliminate. In addition, cat saliva can also trigger allergic reactions in people. Unlike dogs, cats don’t bite or lick people too often. However, they do bathe multiple times a day. Therefore, cat saliva can spread very easily through this process.

Create an Allergy-Controlled Area

When used in combination, products like HEPA vacuums, steam cleaners, air purifiers, kitty wipes, and hand sanitizer can pose a powerful force against your feline allergies. Make your home an allergy-controlled area by using them frequently to suck up cat dander, filter allergens from the air, and remove cat saliva from your environment.

Consider Seeing an Allergy Doctor

An allergist can help in creating a plan of action against feline allergies, including allergy treatment. If your allergy symptoms are interfering with your everyday life or you are having severe reactions that make breathing difficult, an allergy doctor may be able to administer allergy shots or other treatments to ease your symptoms.

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