• Spotting the Telltale Signs of an Asthma Attack

    If you’ve received asthma treatment from an asthma specialist, it’s important for you to be able to recognize the signs of an impending asthma attack. The signs of an asthma attack don’t always manifest themselves in the same way—they’re unique for each individual case of asthma.

    Watch this video to learn more about the symptoms of an asthma attack. One sign of an asthma attack is coughing, which is caused by inflammation of the airways. Some patients with asthma also wheeze in response to an asthma attack. Severe cases of asthma can even result in the inability to breathe.

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  • Fighting Back Against Feline Allergies

    Do you need allergy treatment for feline allergies? An allergic reaction to cat allergies can involve symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes, a constantly-runny nose, and even more serious respiratory reactions. However, it can be difficult to part with a furry friend, and many people choose to continue living with a cat despite their allergies. The first step you should take in fighting back against feline allergies is making sure you are well-informed about the causes and consequences of cat allergies.

    Determine the Source of Your Feline Allergies

    Many people believe that cat fur is the cause of their allergies. However, cat fur isn’t the problem—cat dander is. Dander is the miniscule skin cells that cats shed. Because these particles are so small, they can be difficult to find and eliminate. In addition, cat saliva can also trigger allergic reactions in people. Unlike dogs, cats don’t bite or lick people too often. However, they do bathe multiple times a day. Therefore, cat saliva can spread very easily through this process.

    Create an Allergy-Controlled Area

    When used in combination, products like HEPA vacuums, steam cleaners, air purifiers, kitty wipes, and hand sanitizer can pose a powerful force against your feline allergies. Make your home an allergy-controlled area by using them frequently to suck up cat dander, filter allergens from the air, and remove cat saliva from your environment.

    Consider Seeing an Allergy Doctor

    An allergist can help in creating a plan of action against feline allergies, including allergy treatment. If your allergy symptoms are interfering with your everyday life or you are having severe reactions that make breathing difficult, an allergy doctor may be able to administer allergy shots or other treatments to ease your symptoms.

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  • Can Exposure to Animals Reduce the Risk of Asthma?

    Exposing your children to animals is not just a good way to make them smile, but can also reduce the risk of asthma and allergies by almost 80 percent, according to a study done by the European Respiratory Society. As children grow up playing with animals, their exposure to germs and microbes on the animal’s fur make it less likely that they’ll have to see an asthma specialist, and more likely that they’ll get to play outside with their pet. Consider exposing your children to furry friends to keep away painful allergy testing and annoying asthma treatments.

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  • Should You Schedule a Consultation with a Board Certified Allergist?

    Do you have a cough or wheeze that won’t go away? Do you always end up in a sneezing fit whenever the neighbor’s dog comes around? Have you had several ear or sinus infections in the last year alone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or have similar allergy symptoms, you should visit your local allergy doctor soon.

    Sometimes people brush off that constantly running nose, or turn to over-the-counter sinus medication for that headache that never seems to stop. This doesn’t have to be the option for you, though. An allergy or asthma specialist can recommend effective treatments to address your symptoms and their causes. With allergy testing, you might discover you’re allergic to the dust mites in your pillow, or your child’s persistent rash comes from the type of lotion they use. An allergy doctor can discover these causes and give you the best options to treat them. Don’t suffer longer than you have already.

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