Do You Know the Facts About Pet Allergies?

Allergies of all kinds can be stressful, not just for the person suffering from the allergies, but also for those on the outside looking in. Your best friend may understand your food allergies and why you can’t eat their homemade peanut butter cheesecake. Tell your friend you’re allergic to their cat or dog, however, and they may not comprehend why you wouldn’t want to cuddle with their furry companion. Here are some facts about pet allergies that you may not have known.

The Myths

Many people, even allergy sufferers, don’t understand where pet allergies come from. Is it the hair, or the dander from their skin? Only cats and dogs can cause allergies, right? These questions and myths create a cloud of fear and mistrust when it comes to animals and those who are allergic to them. Most often, the dander causes the allergy, and dander can come from any warm-blooded animal. Birds, ferrets, hamsters, cats, dogs, mice and many other animals can cause allergies from the dust and pollen they bring in from outside, as well as the dander they produce. See your allergy doctor for more comprehensive allergy testing to determine exactly what you are allergic to.

The Treatments

Whether you suffer from animal allergies, medication allergies, or another type of allergy, there might be a sufficient allergy treatment for you. Immunotherapy, integrative medicine, and are all possibilities to help you cope peacefully with your allergies.

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