Mold Allergy: Don’t Let It Ruin Your Vacation

Vacation season is here, but if you have mold allergies, your good times could get derailed. Mold can be found in many places – from your own home to rented beach houses or your favorite hiking spots – and the sniffles and sneezes associated with a mold allergy could leave you too sick to enjoy the season. Talk to an allergist about your symptoms if you think you have mold allergies, and consider the following tips for keeping your allergy symptoms in check.

Recognize the Signs

Like most allergies, mold can trigger sneezing, red and runny eyes, congestion, wheezing, hives, and a scratchy throat in those who are sensitive to it. If you experience these symptoms, see an allergy doctor. It may not be immediately obvious that mold is the trigger behind your symptoms, but an allergist can get to the bottom of your discomfort. You can help your allergy doctor solve the mystery by keeping a journal of your allergy symptoms, including when they occurred, how long they lasted, what you were doing, and if you recently had any medications or anything to eat or drink.

Reduce Your Exposure

Limiting contact with mold will help keep your symptoms in check. If your house is damp, use a dehumidifier. Always use the exhaust fan in the bathroom, and fix water leaks when they occur. Rip up any carpet that contains mold, and have someone in your family scrub your sink and garbage cans often. Avoid wet piles of leaves and debris outside.

Get Treatment

Your allergy doctor can help you find a treatment that works for your mold allergy, such as immunotherapy and medications that treat the symptoms. If you know you’re going on a vacation to a place where you could be exposed to mold, talk to your allergy doctor about precautions you should take.

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