• Do you have a sinus, ear or lung infection more than 3 times per year?

    People who have an Immune Deficiency cannot fight off infection. If you get infections more than 3 times per year, it might be a sign that you have Immune Deficiency. 

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    It Creates a Variety of Symptoms

    Some people with Immune Deficiency have recurrent pneumonia, ear infections, or sinusitis. They might also need multiple courses of antibiotics just to clear up ordinary infections. Immune Deficiency can lead to poor growth or weight loss. It can also cause swollen lymph glands, an enlarged spleen, or chronic rashes. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should see an allergy doctor.

    It Can Be Treated Once It Is Diagnosed

    When you visit your allergy doctor, he or she will take a detailed family and medical history as well as information about your daily environment. The doctor will also give you a physical examination and, if appropriate, a series of skin tests to see if you are allergic to anything. Once the doctor knows what is causing your issues, he or she might prescribe some antibiotics, an antibiotic prophylaxis, or an immunological replacement.

    It Can Be Managed

    Once you know that you have an Immune Deficiency, there are ways that you can manage the condition. It is important to make an effort to avoid infections. Try not to come into contact with people who are sick or people who have gotten live vaccines within the last two weeks. If you do develop an infection, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible to get treatment.

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    Blue Bell staff sends off van loaded with Sweets for the Soldiers.

    A&AS bought back patients’ Halloween Candy delivered to any of its 8 office locations for $1.00 a pound.  2,069 pounds of candy was purchased and delivered to the Philadelphia Liberty USO at the National Guard Armory.  The candy will be distributed to soldiers in the United States and overseas.  Some of the children donating their candy included notes of gratitude to the soldiers. 

    The three top collecting A&AS offices were Blue Bell collecting 774 pounds, Jenkintown with 442 pounds and Collegeville with 272 pounds. 

    A great big thanks to all the staff and patients for their hard work and generosity!