New York Times touts benefits of Sublingual Immunotherapy.

SLIT Drop Lady Photo

For much of her adult life, Shirley Hickey received two injections a week in an effort to tame severe allergies that caused frequent sore throats and sinus infections. Now she uses a less painful method.

“One drop under the tongue every morning, and that’s it,” said Ms. Hickey, 65, who lives in Beaver Falls, Pa. She is free of symptoms and sinus infections from her allergies to ragweed and tree pollens, she said.

Injections have been used to treat allergies from inhaled substances — often known as hay fever — for 100 years, and the basic formula has changed little. But an alternative is now emerging — liquids or tablets placed under the tongue.

Both Merck and  Stallergenes, a French company,  are seeking marketing approval for tablets to treat grass pollen allergies. An advisory committee to the Food and Drug Administration will discuss the drugs next week.

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