Don’t suffer with SINUSITIS one more day

Sinusitis is defined as inflammation of one or more of the sinus cavities.


Types of Sinusitis

  • Acute bacterial sinusitis in adults most often presents with > 7 days of symptoms of purulent drainage, nasal congestion, postnasal drip, facial or dental pain/pressure, and cough, especially at night. Often preceded by a cold. Children with acute sinusitis often have cough, runny nose, and nasal congestion.
  • Acute bacterial sinusitis is defined to be less than 4 weeks duration. 
  • Chronic sinusitis, with inflammation lasting longer than 12 weeks, is associated with allergic rhinitis in 36% – 60% of children and 40% – 80% of adults.  An allergy evaluation should be done so that environmental control measures or other interventions, appropriate for allergic and non-allergic diseases can be started.

Conditions associated with, or predisposing to sinusitis:

  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Viral “colds”
  • Asthma
  • Anatomic obstructions – nasal polyps, septal deviations, enlarged                                       adenoids, foreign body, cleft palate, dental infection
  • Aspirin Allergy or Sensitivity


  1. Antibiotics for acute and chronic sinusitis. The goal is to improve drainage of the nasal passages, eliminate the source of the inflammation and relieve the pain.
  2. Oral decongestants and topical nasal decongestant sprays  may reduce congestion.
  3. Saline sprays or irrigations can help liquefy secretions.
  4. High dose guaifenesin is used to thin the mucous and promote drainage.
  5. Nasal steroids and nasal antihistamines reduce the congestion, swelling and inflammation of sinusitis.
  6. Oral steroids may be prescribed for a few days to relieve pressure, reduce inflammation and decrease pain. 

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