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Treatment Options for Immune Deficiency

Do you suffer from several respiratory infections per year that don’t respond well to treatment are a possible sign of an immune deficiency? If so, then you may benefit from seeing an allergy doctor for an immune deficiency examination. Other signs and symptoms of an immune deficiency include chronic rashes or diarrhea, weight loss or poor growth, an enlarged spleen, swollen lymph glands, and a need for multiple courses of antibiotics to clear infections.

After taking your medical history, conducting a physical examination, reviewing your living conditions, and, in some cases, performing a panel of skin tests and lab work, your allergy specialist can inform you if you are suffering from an immune deficiency. If diagnosed with this condition, your treatment plan may include addressing conditions like allergic rhinitis, which can predispose you to infection. Antibiotics, antibiotic prophylaxis, and immunological replacement are also treatment options that your doctor may recommend.

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